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Diavola Pizza

Napoli Style Pizza

& Panini

Devil with a pizza

Nostra Pizza

When we decided to sell our soul to open our pizza truck, it was from the desire to recreate the taste of Napoli style pizza in Portland.

Because of its simplicity every element makes a significant impact on the overall flavor of the pizza, making it vital to us to adhere to the same philosophy of the pizzaiolos of Italy: fresh quality ingredients with exceptional and well cared for dough.


Our panini are made with freshly baked bread, quality ingredients, and love, as always! 

Visit Us

Visit us to enjoy our Napoli style wood fired pizza and fresly baked panini,  made with love! Comfortable indoor seating for all ages during our open hours is available at Adda Beer Bar. You can stop by, order online for pick-up or for delivery, or give us a call. We hope you'll love our pizza and panini!

Location and Hours
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